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SCR Nozzle Cleaning Agent

SCR urea tank cleaning agent is mainly consistant of the penetrant, dispersant, surfactant, stabilizer and multi-stage reverse osmosis deionized water and other substances from the complex.Due to good permeability and dispersion it can be quickly permeated into the inside of the crystallization, scaling and oil, and react with the crystallization, scaling and oil attached to the surface of the urea tank, sensor and deep inside the urea filter,to be loosened, scattered, dissolved and easy to be removed and brought out by washing liquid,so it can improve the internal cleanliness of urea tank,protect urea pump, urea injector and exhaust catalytic converter system, extend serving life of urea injection system (urea pump, urea nozzle, etc.) and exhaust catalytic converter system. SCR urea tank cleaning agent has no corrosion to the equipment and no damage to the rubber, with features of fast reaction speed and good cleaning effect.






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