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Adblue Core Cleaner

This product uses Europe and North America low-temperature reduction technology, which can effectively solve the problem of AdBlue crystallizing at low temperature (lower than -11.5 ?) confirmed by the bench and driving test so to make sure SCR system running well. With high purity of low temperature reductant, it can strictly control catalyst failure risk and the risk of emission failure, greatly improving the safe operation of vehicle. Releasing potential value of the ammonia greater than 200g / kg, perfectly match with the existing SCR designation, to avoid potential problem which comes from the matching of anti-crystallization technology and ammonia release. It can also effectively prevent the damage of volume expansion which caused by the tube and the urea storage tank in low temperature, ensure the normal startup of vehicles and the normal operation of SCR system in cold weather and reduce NOx emissions at low temperatures. Avoid adding SCR system heating system, reduce vehicle operating costs.

Packing?10kg*2/10L*2  200kg/200L 1000kg/1000L

Freezing Point?-11?





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